i have left it neglected on a shelf for a while now.

i have left it unread and unopened.

i even have an app for it on my phone, and that’s been left untouched.

the problems with this are many, but among the largest: if we’re going to share our stories, we have to be familiar and engaged and interacting with His. and we find His story in His word, so we can’t afford to leave it untouched, no matter what medium we prefer.

if i’m going to read His word on my phone, i need to open the app. if i’m going to read His word on the pages, i need to open the book.

we’re not trees. we’re only branches on the Tree of Life, and unless we are connected to the source of that life, we will die and we will fizzle. but He didn’t come to give us that

He came to give us life.


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    Hey! Popping over from Jessica’s blog! Loved your spot over there today…And then to come over here and read this? Good stuff!

    I’ve been convicted about my (lack) of time in the Word too. And can totally see the effects happening in my life because of it.

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    Hi Annie, I’m here from Lovely Little Things.
    I love finding blogs that are inspirational and have God in the center of it all.
    I really like this post! very uplifting.

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