where step five hundred forty is also step one.

five years ago, i published my first post ever.

it didn’t look much different than this one, except that i went by my middle name and created that first blog specifically to encourage women in their faith, instead of the free-for-all that this blog started as. and five years later, here i am, doing what i started to do five years ago.

i had the best chat with melanie last week and i told her how the topic for this series popped into my head and i really had no idea what to write about, even though i’d sketched out the general themes i wanted to cover.

i had a coffee date with karen the next day and we talked about how, ever since her daughter christy traded earth for heaven, she’s heard how great christy’s legacy is among those of us who have yet to make that trade. and i told her how seeing christy’s legacy of hope grow as a ministry and hearing these stories from karen and knowing how christy influenced me, too, has shown me how much influence i have.

this post, this series, this whole blog: this is a step of practical faith. it’s practical because the steps are simple. sit down, open a post window, type. it’s faith because half the time i never, ever know where a post is going to end up.

like this one. i opened and started writing. i have no idea what conclusions i’m going to come to.

sometimes i wish the answers would fall out of the sky, that suddenly, i would know: this is the way. here’s what to do. and i don’t. i never do. i talked to melanie about how i’m always changing up what i’m doing in order to make sure the heart of this blog is what comes first. how march and april, the past two years, have always been sabbatical. how i sponsored other blogs, then quit, then started again. how i offered blog sponsorship, thought i’d take it off, then thought i’d leave it up for a little and see what came of it.

there is no right or wrong way to do this thing we call blogging. there is no right or wrong way, strictly speaking, to do this thing we call walking in Jesus’s footsteps.

so i’m taking another step. a step in saying the hard but true things, in challenging, encouraging, and hopefully edifying, not only you but myself. a step in building this community, a community which cost His life to build and costs ours to maintain.

a step in saying your heart is welcome here, and mine is open to meet yours.

and i’m all asking is that He moves these hearts to where they are, a little closer to His own.


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    it is simply amazing the kind of reach a blog can have. I went to the gym the other day and one of the ladies there told me she found me blog and how much some of my posts had meant to her. Keep doing what you are doing. God has his own reasons behind your own. 😉

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