what i wore & wednesday wreads, vol.4

remember the mint jeans?

this is how i wore them:

chambray shirt: forever 21; mint jeans: old navy; sandals: merona, via jen

i’m linking up with the pleated poppy!

& this week’s wreads:

first be a follower” by hannah

It’s idolatry and I’ve never known it. To make myself a demigod. A person worth following. And if my streams, my Instagrammed actions, my blog holds no trace of the God who rains in my soul then who am I? Who am I & what kind of example have I been for you?

what comes first” by natalia

God probably chuckled. Or maybe He just shook His head.
Because when I said productive, I meant
getting a lot of homework done.
I meant more pink highlighted lines in my planner;
things already accomplished, tasks already achieved.

you tell her” by hannah

Not in a text. Not even on the phone. You tell her when, and only when, you can see the green in her pupils. The birthmark on her neck. You tell her when your palms are sweaty and your words don’t feel like they hold an ounce of eloquence. You tell her, even when the whole thing could collapse at any moment on any one of your syllables. She might reject you. She might turn away. But you need to say it all the same.


  1. says

    lurve your pants. and usually I don’t take the time to check out links like this, but I’m ever so glad I did today. hannah’s writing. wow. thanks dear, hope you’re having a lovely week. (:

  2. says

    i love those pants :) and girl, i think it’s so neat how you share posts that you love every week – amazing!

    love you and can’t wait to see you SOON!

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    I love that color combo–I actually used it recently with mint accents on a dark blue shirt I sewed and the husband thought I was crazy. I knew I wasn’t!

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