the story of all stories

a guest post by morgan, a silver screen sponsor of what she saw

Ruffled socks, ruffled dress, black patent-leather shoes, and a maroon-colored tamborine. Four years old, this was me, standing before a small congregation in downtown Stone Mountain, Georgia on a Sunday morning, singing songs with my mom and my sister, before my dad would preach.

This was my life.

I’m a preacher’s kid and I have spent my entire life “in the church.” Serving was always in my nature, because it was what I saw my parents do and what I did with my parents. I was blessed with a great family life, parents who are also my spiritual leaders, and a sister who I was homeschooled with (that I couldn’t get rid of! ;)),who turned out to actually be quite a cool human being!

In short, I don’t have a story about wandering off and doing other things with my life. I never left the church, rebelled and came back. I never felt compelled to be someone else and step away from my faith. But because of this, for years, I felt inadequate when I’d hear the some of the stories of other people who grew up as believers. I would feel like my story wasn’t exciting or good enough.

But then, I realized something. I realized that even though my story wasn’t like the stories of others, I had to thank God for the story He has given me.

This has been the key to ministry for me. I had to realize that if I truly wanted to serve Him, I had to serve Him with my life story. Even if my story seemed boring or unadventurous or dull compared to others around me. No matter what, I have to serve God with my story.

For any other believer out there that might have the desire to serve God but yet you don’t know how or you feel like you don’t have what it takes,
I would just encourage you to serve God with your story.
Whether your story involves moving a lot, divorce, loss of loved one, cancer, addiction, recovery, weight loss, music, dance, love…
whatever it is, find a way to serve God with that.

It could be out in the open like leading worship or teaching, or, it could be something as simple (yet so imporant) as striking up a conversation with the teenager in your church who always sits by themselves or offering to babysit for a mom you know is going through a lot. There are so many ways that we can minister. There are so many ways we can serve. We are all equipped with unique ways of sharing the love of Jesus with others. We are all different parts in the body of Christ.

I learned this the most when I met my husband:

He’s a Hawaiian, Chinese, white guy from Alabama who came to Christ at 18.
I’m a black girl preacher’s daughter from the city who plays guitar.

We couldn’t have been more different than each other. Yet, I’ve seen God use both of our stories in so many unique ways. His story is no better than mine. My story is no better than his. Though completely different, God brought us together and He’s using our stories together.

Earlier this year, the two of us had the wonderful opportunity to travel to eastern Europe and be apart of the lives of the local people there. It was an experience like none other. It was challenging and tough, and in the midst of language barriers and all of the other barriers that come along with being in a land we did not know, we learned that no matter what, we had to stick with our story.
And not just because it was something to talk about, but because it was what God had given us.

We saw on that trip that God has given everyone a story. And no matter where you are in the world, people like stories. We like to know where you are from, how you got here, and why.

And there’s nothing more beautiful than a story that you are glad to share. And as believers, when we share the story God has given us, we have to realize that no matter how big or small we might think it is, that story could verily well be the story that helps someone scratch away the surface to the the most important story of all,

the story of all stories. The story of Jesus.

morgan is a twenty-two year old musician, wife, and writer who has experienced an array of things, from moving onto a college campus at 16, getting married at 20, backpacking through europe, and being chased by a cow. she writes at quite the blog, supplemented by quite the tweets and quite the pins.


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