the naming

i spent this chapter concentrating less on the content of the book and more on the intricacy of the language and imagery. it’s an english major’s heaven, this book. there’s just so much to break down in how ann voskamp writes, both in terms of the pairings of words she uses and the pictures she paints in the process.

& so really? that’s all i want to do today: marvel. at what’s been given, and what i often overlook.
one thousand gifts
1. the creativity of language; that within this strict structure there are infinite possibilities to play with words & syntax
2. making plans with margaret
3. sunlight streaming through the kitchen, even when my eyes are dilated
4. spiffy new contacts. THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE.
5. thank you card on the bulletin board. it wasn’t even for me.
6. the wooden bench in our kitchen. it’s been in our house since i was a baby.
for what are you thankful today? share five things in the comments with me!

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we’d also love, as we continue reading, if you’d consider making a page on your blog for your list of gifts. we want to see what you’re thankful for! also, erin hosts a celebration of thankfulness on thursdays, so if you’d like to join in, tweet or instagram what you’re thankful for, any day of the week, and include the hashtag #thankfulsweetness. and since margaret and i want to see them too, add the hashtag #otgbookclub. to share with the larger audience that has read and is reading one thousand gifts, hashtag #1000gifts.
now go forth, be thankful, and hashtag. after you read margaret‘s thoughts on this chapter, that is.


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