the girl behind the blog & wednesday wreads, vol.5

please note: i had to leave for work before my video finished processing so if you’re reading before 10am EST, it isn’t done yet!

i’m so stoked to meet both these women in october! if you’re going, too, that’s what i’ll look like. minus some frizz and plus some makeup.

also, the last installment of wednesday wreads (and it’s a doozy):

the 5 steps to writing a book” by donald miller

[O]bsess about who is and isn’t following you on Twitter for half the first day. Get angry at yourself for being distracted and throw your phone into the woods as a sacrifice to your craft. Go to bed promising the next day you’ll really write.
The second is the idea of allowing God’s desires to become our desires. Yes, I do think God gives us desires, that in His timing He fulfills, but I actually think this verse goes even deeper than that. I think it’s calling us to recognize and search out what those deep longing and needs really are.
five things i wish i’d been told before i was married” by ally vesterfelt’s husband darrell
Love doesn’t blur beauty, it gives us eyes to see beauty in a new ways. If we are not equipped to handle beauty and attraction in a healthy way we have one of two choices: indulging our desires or isolating ourselves from created beauty.
fumbling” by angie
She had been away from it so long that she didn’t remember why she ever did. It might as well have been a paper clip or a piece of clay. It was rendered useless to her by virtue of the fact that she had experienced life without it, and it didn’t comfort her anymore.
You won’t find me taking shots at this or that public person ever, not because I don’t have strong opinions—I do, and anyone who knows me well knows that there’s no shortage of those strong opinions…but that’s the point: I share those strong opinions in the context of relationship, because I think that’s the healthiest place for them to be. And because I always think to myself, what if that person has a daughter?
in which i ramble…” by natalie
an aside: natalie also links to some good resources on the same topic, so be sure to check those out as well!
We need to keep in mind that when we visit someone else’s blog, it’s their blog, not ours. There’s a real human behind it. Don’t say something in the comment section if you wouldn’t say it to them in person, face-to-face.
not anymore” by dana
an aside: i’m going back to my college town this weekend & this is exactly how i feel about it!
I walked home, feeling alien. But alien can be comfortable if you know that is what you are. I didn’t know.


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    I gotta say, I think y’all have one of my favorite rooms (besides my own) at Influence and I’m excited about y’all all being together. I totally feel influenced by the blogs I read as well. Girl, your job is SUCH a place of influence… I always think, with these people we see only shortly sometimes we are the only view Jesus they will see that day.. Ok heart you… see you soon!

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    hahaa, you made ME laugh! I love how REAL you are. Seriously, sometimes I feel as blogger we can hide behind our words and put on a little show, but this is all you girl, and I loved it!!! I totally agree that I am influenced and challenged to think differently by what other bloggers write. I love reading about other people’s perspectives! Have a great day love :)

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    1. okay i just love your heart.
    2. you are such a natural beauty.
    3. i consider you one of my dearest, closest friends too (of course :) and cherish your friendship so very much.
    4. i always say “stream of consciousness” too :)
    5. i love hearing more of your story. i think we need to roomie sharing out stories time at influence. love getting to know you better.
    6. always love your wednesday wreads.
    7. i am totally laughing :) your honesty and way you share things just makes me smile… especially at the end.
    8. love you and can’t wait to give you a big hug soon!!

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    Other bloggers totally help me process scripture/theology/practical faith, including you!

    But yes, I was the only Christian at my last non-ministry job and it’s kinda crazy to see how much influence I had on their perception of Christ and Christianity. YOU have that influence!

    I love you Annie! (Do you have any cute nicknames? Annie Belle? Stephy Lou? I’m going to come up with one and bother you with it foreeeever.)

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    girl you are awesome at 9am in the morning (it is currently 9am and I am just grumpy at work haha). I love that you want people to be able to come to your blog and share FREELY! No masks, no cover ups…that is so important as a blogger but also as a Christian. You are right, we are all in this together girl. Have so much fun at Influence!

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    Okay, so here’s the deal:
    1. I’ve decided that I adore you
    2. You are absolutely beautiful!
    3. I love your heart
    5. I can’t wait to stay up late giggling all night long and chatting about life at influence
    That is all.

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    You made me laugh too! =) I love how down to earth and natural you are. <3 Hope you all have a blast a Influence…wish I was going! =) It was super cool getting to hear a bit of your testimony and how God has brought you through to where you are now. Wasn’t this a great prompt?
    Alesha <3

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    so nice to see your honestly and realness (is that a word)…?
    i was like you, in that i never “didn’t believe” but i was thankful when I came to the conclusion on my own what I believed, other than believing due to being raised that way…it makes it so much more real to me.. love you, can’t wait to meet you!!

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    Haha, you crack me up! (referring to the comment about how it might be an issue that you forgot your blog name 😉

    But you’re totally right about influence with coworkers and customers. You never know where they are coming from and how a simple interaction or comment can make a difference. Sometimes just a friendly smile and kind words can change a person’s entire day. And vice versa. That was definitely a huge lesson I learned working in retail.

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