the book club: join us?

margaret and i have spent the past few weeks turning over an idea we had while tweeting (the simmering), direct messaging (turning up the heat), and then emailing (the boiling).

(y’all, i don’t know what’s with all the cooking metaphors lately. I DON’T COOK.)

margaret and i both have a deep passion for community. this is why we blog. this is why margaret is a contributor to the be.loved blog and why i’m going to influence. because we love community.

and we want to form one here.

so, join us:

we want to dig deep into what it means to be grateful, not just as individuals, but as members of a community, of a whole, of the body – His body.

plus, we love to read. (and really, that alone should be enough reason to do this.)

we’re calling it the book club. we don’t want to use the word club to imply that we are including some at the expense of others or that we are running around beating thankfulness into people. no. we’re using that word to signify togetherness and community.

so, here’s what we’re planning:
+ we’ll begin thursday, september 13. on this day we’ll post our reflections on the first chapter of one thousand gifts. (we will post a reminder on thursday, september 6 so you (and us!) don’t forget to read for this day.)
+ we’ll read one chapter a week, so this will be an eleven week long endeavor. our last day will be thursday, november 22 (which is thanksgiving day; appropriate, no?).
+ we’ll post questions at the end of our posts to kick off discussion and exploration in the comments.
+ we’ll also include a link-up so you can share your reflections on voskamp’s book. you can choose to answer the questions we write up each week or you can write whatever you feel led. it’s up to you!
+ we also want to challenge you, at whatever point you’d like, to start writing up a list of gifts yourself. i began mine shortly after reading one thousand gifts last year and will be keeping it up here. you can do yours however you like: handwritten, on your blog, or on the iphone app (search “1000 gifts” in the app store).

let us know if you have any questions! we’re so excited to start this with you.


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    This sounds awesome, ladies! I’ve had my copy of One Thousand Gifts for over a year and have been meaning to read it…so maybe this can jump start that process, no!? *wink*

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    I would love to join! This book has been on my list since another blogger recommended it. She took 1000 photos with instragram of things she was thankful for as the days went by. It was so cool to watch :)

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    I love this. :) I’ve been rereading it for the 3rd time and I am still gaining so much. I may start back over when you guys start! (I’m about 5 chapters in). The Lord is doing so much in my heart through it this time around and I would love to jump on this journey with you!

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    girl, i’ve been so awful at reading blogs lately. i appologize! just read through some of your past posts…and “the girl without a story” is SOOO me. loved that.

    thank you for your sweet comments on my little place! i start school on monday [well, *i* start tuesday because i only have classes tuesdays/thursdays :) ]


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