preliminary lenten thoughts.

I’m thinking about Lent.

I was raised Southern Baptist, so Lent isn’t something I have ever formally observed. In past years, I’ve recognized it but really haven’t made it a huge deal.

I’ve really recognized the importance of sabbatical, though. A few years ago I felt God calling me to take Lent off from blogging, and it was a fruitful step back. Since then, I’ve routinely taken the Lenten season off blogging, and it’s been a good and refreshing break.

I took off a good chunk of 2013, and I don’t feel the need to rest the way I have in past years. I haven’t ruled out my yearly Lenten sabbatical, but I’m wondering about how to approach it.

Do you have any ideas, any recommendations? Anything you’d like to see here at What She Saw as we move through Lent, if I indeed continue blogging through that time?

How do you recognize Lent, personally or corporately? Do you incorporate it into your blogging habits and content?

I do want to be more diligent and intentional about staying still and close to the Lord through Lent, regardless of what I decide about blogging. I think, regardless of what we choose to do or not do through this season, it’s ultimately meaningless if we aren’t seeking the Father’s face.


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    Lent is always hard for me too.
    As a Lutheran, it was always suggested, but never demanded.
    Pastors have hindered me too by suggesting things like chocolate, or coffee. (I feel miserable, and trapped, not any closer to the heart of God.)

    I’ve loved attempting to give up facebook. It’s been a challenge to meet God’s words rather than those of my friends who are “at the movies” or are “in a relationship”. When I give up facebook, I find countless hours to spend with God.

    Not that its true for you, but I’m sure you’ll feel led to give up something.

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    I haven’t really incorporated Lent into my blogging, but this year I’ve decided to use those 40 days to go through the book of Matthew in greater detail.

    I grew up in the Lutheran church, so for years and years I recognized Lent on a corporate level (’cause those Lutherans are really into the church calendar and traditions) =) However, I’ve sorta struggled throughout the years on bringing onto a more personal level. Anyway, I’ve been contemplating what to do to focus my attention on it.

    Have you seen the cool Lent journal Naptime Diaries put out? It looks really interesting… and pretty =)

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    Instead of giving up something for Lent, I’m planning on putting God front and center of every blog post I write during The season. Im doing the She Reads Truth lent study which looks amazing!! Then each post will be a reflection based on the day’s study. I’d love for you to join me!!

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    I’m Lutheran so the idea of Lent was always a suggestion if it brought you closer to the Lord. Personally, in the last couple years I’ve enjoyed giving something up. I gave up chocolate which was sadly kind of hard and now I’m giving up diet soda. For me, each time I went to grab a piece of chocolate or a diet soda, that teeny “sacrifice” was a constant reminder of the HUGE sacrifice that Christ made for me on the cross. So, giving something up mainly served as a frequent reminder of what Christ did for me.
    Teachers at my Lutheran high school also suggest that during Lent, instead of giving something up we can try and add something to our daily routine- an extended quiet time, etc. I think this Lent I’m going to try and be more bold about Christ in my blog posts. I have so many posts saved as drafts that I wasn’t sure about posting because I didn’t know if anyone would read them but I realized that isn’t why I should be posting and I’m ready to be more bold about speaking about Christ.

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    I have yet to go through the Lent season with a blog, so it should be an interesting experience. I think for me, I am going to step away from other online activities – such as online shopping or social media. I love blogging and I think it’s a way for me to get even closer to the Lord and connect with other believers (if I use it in such a way). However, those other activities – those are just time-suckers! I look forward to see what you do!

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    I’m not Catholic. Not even a smidge, but there is something I so love about Lent. I guess maybe it’s the religious indulgence in which I get to partake for 40 days. I bought the Naptime Diaries Lent journal for a different approach to Lent this year… But I’ve been thinking about skipping out on something, I just don’t know what. I’ve been praying about it, asking God what it is that I should go without… And then I keep feeling that nudge to skip a bit of sleep and wake up with Him, in His word daily. Oh my sleep-loving soul.

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