one thousand gifts: the reminder

this is your friendly reminder that next week, thursday, september 13, margaret and i will be posting the first installment of our little book club! we’re reading one thousand gifts by ann voskamp and we couldn’t be more thrilled to read with you and foster a community of thankful hearts after His own.

we ask in the next week that you read and reflect on the first chapter of one thousand gifts. next thursday, margaret and i will post our reflections with a few questions to stimulate thinking and further reflection. we’d love to hear your thoughts as well, so we’ll be including a linkup with our posts. feel free to link up your own thoughts and reflections and/or responses to our questions. we are so, so excited to begin this endeavor!

ps. i can never type out the word endeavor without spelling it the british way first. what can i say? british spelling, most of the time, is just prettier.

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    I started that book this summer and then things got really busy I didn’t finish. Maybe this will help be read it! I loved what I read so far!

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    i ADORE this book and it sits regularly on my nightstand as i shift through pages, highlight, underline, star, make notes, reflect, pray and continue down my list of 1000 gifts!

    last november myself and the other authors on our blog read this book together and filled our month with guests sharing their thanksgiving: — was an incredible month! i look forward to following along with you!!

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    I’ve been wanting to participate in a blog book club and this book seems like a great one to start with. I am your newest follower and look forward to reading along with everyone!


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