life right now.

i am waiting on my car right now.

(doesn’t my car know i have things to do?)

unfortunately, those things to do involve having a working, happy vehicle, because how on earth else am i supposed to get to those things?

(for your reference, those things = the post office & the city clerk’s office.)

at 3am this morning i finished my first overnight shift. yes, there are overnight shifts in retail. no, i didn’t know that either. i can’t tell you how it went because i’m writing this on sunday afternoon.

i can tell you i had a frantic two-day search for mint jeans on thursday and friday that finally culminated with my buying a pair from old navy (thank you, chelsea; you saved me much anguish).

the irony of that is i swore in elementary school i would never, EVER wear colored jeans again. EVER.

but that is no longer here nor there nor related to the cost of bananas in the congo.

i can also tell you that i should not be allowed to tweet in the morning. or, as nat said to me, apparently ever.

here’s why:

we will not make mention of those errors in tweeting ever again. capisci?

in other news, i saw the bubble necklace for the first time in real life last week.

i hate to say it but the more i see that necklace, the more i dislike it. and now i’ve seen it in real life and i’m just done.

it’s getting up there with suspenders, ugg boots, and sweater dresses on my list of Things That Should Never Be Worn.

speaking of jewelry, let me give you some advice for a hot minute:

1. when getting your ears (or anything else, for that matter), don’t use the solution they give you. use rubbing alcohol. rubbing alcohol stings. the fancy solution doesn’t. which means you will know when the rubbing alcohol is working. and just so we’re clear, YOU NEED TO KNOW IT’S WORKING.

2. they tell you to clean your eyes so many times a day for three months. make that six months. TRUST ME.

3. one should not compare the cleaning regimen of twenty-year-old piercings with six-month-old piercings, or year-old piercings, or at this point, almost three-year-old piercings. because none of those latter three numbers equals anything close to twenty.

i’m giving you this advice because i had to repierce one of my holes the other day, and it’s not the first time i’ve had to do so.

i’m back from work after leaving this post up all night to finish. i’m not finishing it, although i suppose if this is the end, it would be finished.


  1. says

    I agree with the bubble necklace, eek! I’m glad you said it and not me 😉 And the other trends, except suspenders. I still love them on a guy.

  2. says

    I still am not on the colored jeans bandwagon… it took me the longest time ever to relent to skinny jeans… but who knows… maybe in the future…

  3. says

    i want colored jeans so badly, but i can’t seem to find a pair that doesn’t look completely ridiculous on me. i don’t even own khaki pants because i just feel like i look stupid in anything other than plain old regular jeans. i tried on some colored pants at old navy the other day and i swear i looked like an elf. it was bad, haha. but, i’m glad that you found nice mint ones!

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