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you might not believe it.

you might not believe it for a variety of reasons. maybe you come up with the lie on your own. maybe someone says the truth and you think they’re only trying to be kind and inclusive. maybe someone told you the lie straight to your face.
the lie? your story doesn’t matter. your words don’t matter. maybe the lie goes so far as to say your life doesn’t matter.
the truth?
this world needs your story.
yes. needs.
we crave it desperately. we crave it the way our bodies crave water and sustenance. that’s how much we need your – yes, YOUR – story.
“but why?” you might ask. “there are other people telling their stories. why should i share mine?”
have you heard a soloist sing before? her voice carries beautifully and you marvel at the precise rhythm of the vibrato, the puncture of the staccato note in the middle of the melody.
but a soloist cannot do what a duet can.
a duet introduces harmony, different notes sung simultaneously, singing either the same words or different ones. sometimes one will sing a countermelody.
but a duet cannot do what a trio can.
each added singer brings a level of complexity, of intricacy, of beauty that a smaller group cannot accomplish without that singer. each singer is important. each singer has a role.
this is true even in a larger group, where voices are not so easy to distinguish. the sunday that this happened, we sang a song in church, a few lyrics of which struck me profoundly:
shout as a mighty choir

sealed by the Spirit’s fire

you’re not called to sit and hide your story away. you’re called to shout. and you’re not called to find a place where you’re the only voice speaking – although you may very well find yourself in such a place. you’re called to shout as a mighty choir.

it’s our voices together that give great glory to His matchless name. because each story is a different one. because each story shows Him just a bit differently. each story reinforces His goodness, His faithfulness, His love, His grace, His abundant mercy.
are you going to keep the world from that?
are you going to keep hidden the secret of His great and mighty power? of His work of salvation and redemption in you?
when you turn on lamps, do you hide them away? or do you make sure they illuminate the area in which you’re situated?
stupid question?
asking if you should share your story is like asking if you should hide the lamp.
don’t hide the lamp, friend.
it’s the only way we can bring hope and healing to a broken, desperate world.


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    Annie, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this! I’ve restled with this question some myself, but have never herd or thought out so clear an answer as this. Loving your heart, girl!
    Aleaha <3

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    This is truth beyond truth. The world NEEDS to hear our stories, we NEED to tell the good news to others and we NEED bring the light of Jesus to the world. This is something I’ve really been struggling with lately– how to go about beginning to bring up the gospel and spread the Word to others. You really got to me with this post, thanks for the encouragement Annie!

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