knowing YOU.

i believe a few things about community.
i believe in building community, it’s critical to be intentional. what are you seeking? what are you trying to build? how will you sustain it?
i don’t have answers to all those questions for the community at what she saw, but i definitely think about them. one of the ways i’m deliberate about community is by asking all of you, every now and then, to share a little about yourselves.
whether you’ve been reading what she saw for three seconds or three years, i want to hear from you! take a few minutes and answer these questions in the comments:
one | how long have you been reading what she saw?
two | what’s your favorite part of blogging?
three | if you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
four | what’s the closest thing to you that’s green?
five | what’s a post i’ve written recently that’s spoken deeply to you?
(i’m asking this question because i want to know what you’re interested in and want to hear more about, so i can curate more of that content for the future!)


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    Hullo love! :)
    1) Uh… probably a year or so. And I kind of feel like I know you (which is strange, since I don’t) but I’d definitely like to!
    2) Having a venue where I can post my writing and the things God is showing me.
    3) Homemade pie. Definitely. Pumpkin for breakfast, chicken pot pie for lunch, and berry or apple pie for dinner.
    4) A card from my mom. :)
    5) I’m not sure I can name a specific one, but I like your voice. You’re quirky and honest and you write what people need to hear. That’s a blessing, so thank you!

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    1. I started following a couple of weeks ago.
    2. sharing what God is doing through my life and being inspired by others.
    3. this is a hard one, because I LOVE food, but I think it would have to be soup. but different types. veggie, chicken noodle, etc.
    4. a green highlighter
    5. ‘because it might set you free’ – such a beautiful reminder that the stuff we’ve held onto not wanting others to know is the story that He’s so sweetly molding to be told.

    this was a great post!

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    I love this idea of asking questions to hear what your readers have to say!
    1. I believe it’s been a while. I can’t remember exactly, but probably quite a few months ago!
    2. My favorite part about blogging is just meeting and reading all that some of the most amazing and unique people have written. The opportunity to meet people I never would have without my blog is the best!
    3. This is probably the most difficult question ever. I’m going to have to go with cheesecake. Assuming that it can sustain me and not make me sick and give me all the nutrients I need. I’m being too practical, aren’t I?
    4. My shirt!
    5. A word to live… & die by. This one totally got to me because I had been feeling the same when I read it. It occasionally still pops into my head when I’m thinking of gratefulness!

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    This is a great idea!
    1. Since I heard about the book club link up….maybe 3 months???
    2. Connecting with people that you never would have “met” otherwise.
    3. Ice cream. :)
    4. My cup.
    5. Speaking the Same Language. I enjoy talking about that subject plus it started us off in a conversation about introverts!

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    1) Just a few months.
    2) I have always loved creative writing and the arts so I decided to combine a few. Then I realized that I really love writing what’s on my heart. :)
    3) Toast
    4) An envelope.
    5) Gosh, I love so many, it is hard to choose!

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    1) about 3 months now I think
    2) I love hearing about other people’s stories through their pictures and beautiful writing
    3) smoothies
    4) a chair
    5) I loved your “For The Kingdom” (I think it was) post on Spain and your hesitance on going but the good that came out of it. But honestly, all of your posts are great Annie!

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    1- I’ve been reading since February!
    2- it’s a tie. The community is unbeatable. And the way God speaks to me through others’ writing as well as teaches me in my own has been really great.
    3- TACOS. done.
    4- my felt leaf garland hanging above my bed has some green in it :)
    5- definitely the manifesto post. I’d say every other post really resonates with me, but that one was just phenomenal.

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    1. I think I started reading sometime this year.
    2. I love connecting with people which is so much easier for me online than in real life.
    3. I guess my one food would be cheese. I am so thankful I am not lactose intolerant.
    4. hand sanitizer. Trying not to get everyone I work with sick this week.
    5. Wow, recently? I can hardly keep up with everyone’s 31 days posts. But I liked “because it just might set you free.”

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    one | Honestly, about a week. I stumbled across your blog through another blogger who attend the Influence Conference

    two | I’m new to this whole blogging community, I’ve just been keeping a little travel blog for the past 2 months, but after seeing the community built between bloggers who attended Influence and realizing the influence I can have with my blog, I’ve felt the Lord tell me to expand it to something more. This is a really long explanation to say, I have loved seeing the way blogging can create community and a I desire to be a part of it.

    three | mashed potatoes

    four | My scarf.

    five | I haven’t read much that you’ve written, but I’ve been struck by your desire to build community.

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    {1} I started reading your blog somewhere back in August of this year I think.

    {2} I love blogging for a lot of different reasons, but the main ones include:
    – I love the blogging community and finding new and interesting people to interact with!
    – Blogging is a place for me to release stress and to examine things that have been going on in my life. It’s a dose of therapy for me.

    {3} This is such a difficult question for me because I definitely go through phases. But I think I would have to go with strawberries.

    {4} A memo pad with PeeWee Herman on it. =]

    {5} The Girl Without a Story really grabbed my attention because I could so closely relate to it.

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    one | how long have you been reading what she saw? Since Influence Conference. I saw your tweets when I was stalking the hashtag and found your blog that way. Wow that makes me sound like such a creeper.

    two | what’s your favorite part of blogging? I love that I’m able to express myself safely in my own space. I also like making my posts aesthetically appealing, and connecting with people who have similar interests.

    three | if you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Sushi. All day long, sushi.

    four | what’s the closest thing to you that’s green? My glasses case!

    five | I loved your post called “Speaking the Same Language” on the love languages. You often hear about them in marriage but I love the idea of how they are important in ALL relationships!

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    1) I have been reading for about half a week now. And I absolutely love your posts!
    2) My favourite part about blogging is being able to have a space to convey my thoughts, feelings, and all that the Lord is doing. I love the impact blogging can have on a person’s life and the community it brings.
    3) It’s a tie between fermented soybeans, homemade pizza, and a massive salad. Mmm. Food.
    4) Pile of neon green sticky notes.
    5) I haven’t been reading for too long, but I absolutely love your posts “glory passing” & “you are already a missionary”. Looking forward to catching up on some past pots and reading future ones!

    Thank you for sharing your heart, Annie! :)

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