influence: the introduction

i had spent two months with an ever increasing longing to go to a blog conference (and particularly, blissdom) when hayley, jessi, and casey announced the influence conference.

it’s a conference all about Jesus, something i didn’t realize i wanted so badly until i heard that that’s what influence was all about.

& it’s being held in indianapolis, something that was incredibly important to me because it was within driving distance of michigan. if it had been any further away and especially if it had been outside the midwest, i wouldn’t have been able to go because i couldn’t have afforded the plane ticket.

& if that weren’t enough, i get to drive down with L & we’re meeting up with erin and chelsea along the way.

that all being said, i’m excited for this link-up to get to know some of the other women who are going!

things about me
+ i’m an introvert, so the idea of three days packed with people-meeting and networking kind of scares the everything out of me. however, i love people, and as chelsea very kindly told me over skype, i might be the most ridiculous person she’s ever met (although i like to think of it as energetic). so i might be the girl doing a lot of listening OR i might be the girl doing a lot of talking OR (more likely) i will be the girl doing a lot of both.
+ i have probably the strangest vocabulary of anyone i’ve ever met. i was raised by educators and have a B.A. in english, so i have a strong vocabulary. however, i was also born and raised in metro detroit. and sometimes, we be reppin’ that D, ya feel me?
***an interruption***
i feel like so far all i’ve said is that i’m a constant contradiction of myself.
+ i love to travel. i have been to eight countries and eight states. i have never been to indiana before, so i’m super excited to add another state to that count! my mom has been to indianapolis once before and loved it, so i’m also super excited to be going to a city she’s wanted us to see for years. 
things i’m looking forward to
+ meeting people! getting to dig deep into the community of blogging, but doing so in face-to-face conversations.
+ being grown, challenged, and stretched in my faith, particularly as part of a community. church has left a weird taste in my mouth for years now, and i’ll be honest: i wasn’t terribly consistent with attendance when i was in college. i didn’t, and sometimes still don’t, know how to connect to a system that had broken me (and not in a good way. not the way Jesus breaks us). i have learned since that church is something we take with us wherever we go, something we create where we are, and i’m really looking forward to being a part of that at influence.
thing i can’t leave home without
+ meet tigger:
tigger is my lil stuffed tiger. my mom bought him for me from a local flower shop soon after we moved half an hour north of where we used to live when i was really little. maybe it comes from that small comfort i received from having tigger as a kid, but i take him everywhere. he has been squashed in more carry-ons and packed in more suitcases than i can count. i just don’t leave him behind.
i don’t carry him around with me during the day or sleep with him at night or even really think about him on the duration of the trip. most of the time he ends up at the bottom of my suitcase, covered with clothes and other miscellaneous items. i usually don’t remember he’s there unless i catch a glimpse of him while rearranging stuff or at the end of the trip when i’m repacking. but there’s always that moment, before i’ve left for the trip, when i think, “oh! tigger!” then i pause and think, “do i really need him?” i pause again and decide, “well, i obviously can’t leave him.”
so there’s that. i highly doubt you’ll ever see or hear of tigger again, in person or on this blog, but i still feel ridiculous that i just shared that.

ps. thirty-seven days, y’all. THIRTY. SEVEN. DAYS.


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    Can’t wait to meet you, Annie! I am also an introvert and know exactly how you feel. Something weird happens at these conferences, and for some reason, it’s okay to just go up to random strangers and hug them. Get ready for it. 😉

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    Ok, so I love that you shared that little bit about tigger. I, too, have a little stuffed animal and the other night I had this horrible dream that I was sitting in class holding this stuffed bear like some sort of weirdo. Maybe it’s a sign that it’s time to let the animal go. Ha!

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    Annie! I said the same thing on my post today. Huge introvert + huge talker. We’ll find a corner to sit alone in if we need a break for a minute:)

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    37 days!!! Ahhh! Is there a word for being “too excited”? because that is what I am!

    I’m an introvert too, but am such a people person. I am also a walk contradiction…therefore, we will get along really well.

    Happy Tuesday, Annie!

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    What a great post! I love that you counted down 3…2…1… I totally got that in the instructions, but didn’t do it on my blog. That was a fun way to do the post! :)

    Can’t wait to meet you!

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    This is going to be awesome…a room at least half filled with talkative introverts. Love it! My husband is a big time Michigan fan. Sorry about the game the other day. :( And my grandpa was originally from Pontiac. Legend says he grew up on the farm that became the Silverdome.

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    Awww…your Tigger is adorable :)

    I so wish I were attending Influence. It sounds amazing. I live in Trinidad, so it’s kinda hard for me. I am praying though that I’d get to go to BlogHer next year.

    Happy to be your newest GFC follower. If you have a moment and would like to, you can visit me here The Things We Find Inside

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    Yay! Another Midwest girl! I’m in chicago and the same thing applies to me…I wouldn’t be going if it were any further away from me….but God is removing obstacles and I am going to go and be present! And I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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    Tigger is so cute! Excited to meet you!! I love to travel too and i’m shy sometimes as well. I’m sure once we all get there we are going to have so much fun! An adventure it will be!!

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    I have recently determined that everyone is made up of seemingly contradicting pieces. Just goes to show how creative our God is as a master of orchestrating things together for good. :)

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    You are hilarious, I love ya already! Can’t wait to meet in person in a few weeks. My fave thing about you is that you have a large vocabulary with some Detroit style thrown in. Love it. ~Bri~

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    Oh girl, you are hilarious, I love ya already! Looking forward to meeting in person! My fave thing about this post is that you have a well educated vocabulary but with some Detroit style. :) ~Bri~

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    Annie, I can totally relate on the church thing. But you are so right. We carry the “church” with us wherever we go. Beautiful. I am going to love this expression of the body of Christ. Looking forward to meeting you.

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    I’m looking forward to meeting up with you! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello! AND I second Courtney… a baby bjorn would be amazing:)

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    yup, we’re gonna be friends and when you said you were representin the D I couldn’t get that song :It’s so coo old in the D” You know which youtube video I’m talking about right!? My grandmother lives in GrossPointe, MI and my brothers are Port Huron…what is up!? Can’t wait to meet you, of realz (oh and I’m not this ghetto in person, well maybe… a little.)

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    I am so jealous of everyone going to this conference and getting to meet!!! I really want to go but I don’t think it’s going to happen… I might just have to live vicariously through everyone else.

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    Annie! I feel like your #1 describes me too! I’m going to claim energetic as well. This influence conference is going to be so life changing I can tell. All of the people going are just AMAZING! God is good. :)
    Hope to run into you in October.


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