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    What has God been teaching me? Oh so much… Prayer with purpose, specifically praying with boldness and confidence before the throne of God. Also, the importance of making “fasting” a priority on a regular basis- the voice of God seems oh so louder and more prominent in my life when I do. God is good, ALWAYS huh?

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    i love this post. its a new favorite.

    lately God has been teaching me to stop judging by what i see on the outside. we as humans are so quick to see what we deem as failures and judge people because of those things. it’s easy to act like we have it all together and that everyone else is very far beneath us. so sad. i am trying very hard to look at people the way jesus looks at me…as someone who is worth love, worth time, worth dying for. i’m trying to be a better representation of who he is.

    what about you?

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