family secrets & royal portraits

people whose olympic commentary you should be following on twitter: ellie & jen. oh my goodness. so funny.

here’s another funny story for you: last night, my brother told me jennifer lawrence received a pay raise for the second installment of the hunger games.

“to what?” i asked him.

“10 million,” he said.

i said something about her salary for the first movie being half a million, and patrick responds in a british accent, “i think she’ll be living considerably better.”

because clearly my family has been closely guarding the secret that we’re british royalty and we are living SO WELL over here.

& since i’ve blown that secret, i may as well present to you the youngest member of this royal family, the duke of east michigan and his girlfriend:


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    Glad to see the royalty is doing so well :)
    Let us catch up with some afternoon tea soon dearie =)
    Much Love,

  2. says

    LOVE IT. My brother and I speak in British accents too sometimes.
    Your brother and his girl are so CUTE together. (It’s funny though, because I think that you two have some similar facial expressions. Is that weird? I hope not.) Yay! :)

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    So I read a comment that you wrote on Suzel Says a few days ago. It really touched my heart. In some ways, I think God even meant me to see it and for it to mean to me what it did. All that to say, I appreciate what you wrote. Lovely blog over here. You seem like quite a wonderful young lady.

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