faith in the repetition

a guest post by erin

I have to admit that when I was asked to write this post I got a little nervous. I’m talking to a new audience here. Every day I share my story on my own blog, and I think that my readers there have given me lots of grace over the years.

As I stumble and mess up my words every day, they come back. And as I talk about trivial things one day and my deepest thoughts the next, they don’t criticize.

So, thank you, Annie for letting me share my story a little bit here, with your kind, gracious readers.

My story isn’t one of huge tragedy. My testimony isn’t one with a big “closing number” that causes people to sob and get down on their knees.

But just like all of you, my story is one that is full of forgiveness and grace. It’s full of every day mistakes and every day trials. And a Savior that meets us right where we are and comforts us every single day.

I started blogging five years ago when I was engaged. I talked about mostly the details of the wedding, rather than the actual process of preparing your heart to be married. But as time went on and I became a wife and a mother, and I noticed that there was an audience there, I became more and more aware of the power of influence. And then I became more comfortable with discussing my faith on my blog.

Though just a snip-it of my daily life, my blog is a direct reflection of my life. I think when I go back and read posts, I can see the evolution of my faith on my blog.

As a mother, I have been made so aware of God’s love for us and the incredible gift we received with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. And in the past few years, my husband and I have been called to live boldly in our faith. For me, as an extreme introvert, this means blogging boldly about my faith.

This meant that I needed to be transparent for the sake of others. And willing to discuss struggles and triumphs, praises and prayer.

God has done some incredible things in my life. So many of these things will just seem like little tweaks and small things to some on the outside. But in my heart, I know that He is growing me. And these are the things I want to share on my blog when I share my story.

It’s all for His glory. So when I write about a day when I lost my patience, but then He taught me a valuable lesson? That’s good for me. I’m able to document these memories for my family and me, but I’m also sharing more and more of my testimony because that’s what He’s calling me to do.

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe your story isn’t full of tragedy or hurt. I’m not saying my story is perfect, by any means. But there are plenty of times when I feel like my story isn’t worth hearing because it can be a little bit boring.

I’m just a mom. How will that help the kingdom?

But I know God wants me to share it. Because it’s all for Him.

It’s faith in motherhood. And faith in the endless laundry and the boring weeknight meals. It’s faith in the repetition. He wants me to share. Sharing reminds me to praise Him for my incredible blessings and thank Him for all the gifts, and the repetition.

He wants my story for His glory.  And He wants the same from you, too.

Erin is a a believer, a boy mom and former event planner turned stay-at-home mom. She blogs about her family and their lives, her faith, fun finds, and kitchen disasters over at Blue-Eyed Bride. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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