a call for photography advice.

my brother’s girlfriend asked me to take some of her senior pictures.

my response?


& then:

“are you sure?”

i take pictures of things, not people.

but apparently, she’s sure, since she liked the prom pictures i took for her and my brother last year.

i figure luck, a practice session, and on-the-spot inspiration aren’t probably going to work this go-around, so for those of you who take photos of people on a regular basis, what are your tried-and-true tricks for seniors?

i could use all. your. help. i cannot stress that enough. if you’ve got some advice, holla at me!


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    I am the opposite–I take pictures of people, not things. What I try to do with clients is to set up the shoot with objects that match the person’s personality. For example, I had a senior shoot with a very country boy who loved tractors. I found a guy that had tons of tractors, so I shot my client in front of tractors. It truly captured his personality, and he felt at home. Also, relax, and have fun!! Good luck! :)

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    pinterest has some really great articles and templates that show which lighting works best for what… :) Thats about all i can help with 😉 good luck!

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    I am sure you will do great, Annie! Plus you ladies will have a fun day – my aunt, who is not a photographer professionally has taken my picture with her daughter (and my best friend), and we always had a fun day. =)

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