aunie sauce meets annie sass

i have pretty much failed at blogging spain properly. i’m not very good at the whole documenting activity thing. this is probably because as an introvert, i don’t handle small talk very well and telling you what we did each day feels like small talk.

you have seen some pictures – sans a far amount of narration. i don’t like to ramble on about pictures; i figure the entire point of taking them was so they could tell you the story instead. this doesn’t always work very well. also, you would never know i was the one on the trip because i hate getting in the photographs. i took pictures to show you spain, not my face. (incidentally, i have plenty of awkward myspace posed photos from high school if you want to see my face.)


i got a saucy request from the queen of sauce herself to show more pictures of spain with me in them.

because i was there, you know. (actually, you probably don’t, seeing as there is little to no photographic evidence of this. but hark!* here it comes.)

the team! l to r: debbie, faye, me, my mom, loosha

our team upon arrival with the welcome sign the missionaries made

where will you find hondurans in spain? at the plaza de honduras, of course.
talking to lorna before classes on monday

playing bingo
reading a plaque at the foot of a statue of miguel cervantes in toledo
dancing to beyonce

our team with a couple from the church at which the missionaries serve. they had had us over for lunch.

i wore my five inch electric blue heels the last night of classes
ever the photographer

me in front of the roman aqueduct! this is the first and only time i’ve ever seen roman architecture firsthand.
i’m walking on ancient stone, y’all. ANCIENT. STONE.

in front of the castle that inspired disney’s!
our team with some of the people from the church
so there you go. i went to spain.
i just hope aunie‘s satisfied now.

*this doesn’t actually say hark. it’s a figment of your imagination. i would never actually say hark on my blog. ahem.


  1. says

    Ancient Roman cities absolutely blow my mind. I went to one in Italy and holy smokes! Incredible.

    PS I didn’t know Disney was inspired by a real castle! So cool.

  2. says

    Loved getting to see a few snapshots! =) Although I understand the whole introvert thing… I always feel weird about these types of posts when it comes to my blog.

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