a word to live…& die by

“The way through is hard. But do i really want to be saved?” – ann voskamp, one thousand gifts, p.41

these words pierce me.

these words deflate already small me.

doesn’t it all so often feel like work?

“How do we live fully so we are fully ready to die?” – ann voskamp, one thousand gifts, p.29

so help me, i want to live that answer.

i’ve forgotten to give thanks.

i thought about that earlier this morning at work (yes, i mean this morning; i’ve been working overnight putting up the floorset these past few days). i thought something about being thankful, and then i thought, about what? and then i remembered: for this job. for the opportunity to be doing something here, to be His hands here. i don’t know what will come of it, but i don’t have to.

i’ve made friends faster at work than maybe anywhere else (including kindergarten. i’m looking at you, high school musical). and i’m far more extroverted at work than i am with anyone but my close friends. so all of that has had me wondering what purpose He’s got with me in that store.

& i forget to thank Him for that opportunity, for the gift of working with some pretty awesome people.

i forget to thank Him for thinking of how much i would appreciate a friendly working environment, especially in light of the fact that i left behind one of the best when i left my job at kumon in august.

i forget to thank Him for giving me the opportunity of working with such amazing people at kumon, instead of being angry that i had to leave.

if non-eucharisteo is what caused the fall, it makes perfect sense to me, because non-eucharisteo has caused my fall these past weeks.

instead of being grateful i have a church to go to on sundays, i complain that i have to miss it for work and don’t want to get up for it when i can go.

instead of being grateful football exists and i enjoy watching michigan play when i can, i complain that i’ve missed every game of theirs this season.

instead of being grateful for having a cell phone that works, the bill for which i still don’t pay, and getting a new phone this weekend, i complain that i still don’t have an iphone.

really, annie?

maybe this act of thanksgiving could change everything.

maybe it already has.

are there specific areas about which you could be more grateful? how do you plan to actively implement expressions of gratefulness into your life?

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    This is just GOOD. I feel like I need to be reminded of this constantly. Will I ever reach a place where thanksgiving flows out of my mouth constantly because it is flowing out of my heart? I pray so.

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    I’m really thankful this bookclub link up came up when it did because I have been truly ungrateful and grumpy lately. But what’s funny is about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I sat down and listed all the things I wasn’t happy about, all the things that were frustrating me and then out of each thing I found something to be grateful for in the midst of my complaint. And it really opened my eyes to what in my life I should be thankful for rather than frustrated about. This post kinda reminded me of that list :) Glad to see He’s working on your heart too!

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    There was so much in this chapter. I formulated many different blog posts in my head while reading. There were so many different directions we could have responded in. A goal I have always wanted to strive for was living fully and enjoying life, treating each day as a gift. This chapter was a great reminder of that!

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    Hey girl –

    I was just reading on the Influence blog about setting up coffee dates with people you want to make sure you connect with. I’d love to get together with you! I’m not exactly sure how we will make that happen…but just wanted to throw it out there…Let me know!

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    Ugh. What a reality check for me. I live with such an ugly, ungrateful heart to God. God, who gives me so much! I’ve been thinking about thankfulness often lately, and definitely need to quit complaining about well, pretty much everything and think more positively about the blessings and gifts in my life! Thanks for this post :)

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    Oh my goodness, I so hear you on the Church bit! I work 1-2 Sunday’s a month and then there are some Sunday’s when I am off and I just don’t feel like going to Church so I don’t. Plus my family hasn’t been going to Church lately and I hate going all by myself. It’s a lame excuse, I know, There are so many things working against me right now on this thing called “Church.” I’m hoping to find a new Church Home soon.

    …and I loved your thoughts on this week’s chapter too! I also forget to thank God or the work environment He has placed me in currently.

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    Love your thoughts on this. Eucharisteo was such a needed wake up call for me. Why is it so easy for us to fall for ungratitude? God has given us so much!

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    Spot on. I think this chapter hit us all over the head. Why is it so easy to be ungrateful?

    I love what you said, “I’ve forgotten how to give thanks.” I know I’ve forgotten. I guess that’s when it’s important to get into the word and come before God with thanksgiving.

    I can’t wait to start writing my list! :) It will be such a great reminder of the blessings God pours on me.

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    i wish i could be reading this with you all but the fact is i just don’t have that much time…HOWEVER. i’m keeping up with the posts and love this. i’ve read the book already, and remember that line. it’s highlighted in my book. it’s crazy the little amount of things we’re willing to “give up” in comparison to what He gave up for us.

    and annie dear, not seeing michigan play is a blessing…;) you left the door wide open for me.
    love you!!

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    love this link-up, girl. you two are so encouraging to women by hosting this. i haven’t had a chance to read the book and just don’t have time right now, but just reading your insights gained from it has already taught me so much.

    love you and can’t WAIT to see you soon!!!!!!!

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