31 days of practical faith: an introduction

i am not equipped to write so much as a sentence about faith.

& so, to be honest with you, i’m still not quite sure why i’m taking this leap & writing a whole series about it.

you know, being that i’m not qualified and all.

i didn’t go to seminary, or a christian college, or even a christian grade school. i spent half my teen years angry with God and apathetic about faith. and even just last month i was entertaining thoughts of skipping church, because exactly who wants to drag themselves out of bed on any day, much less on a weekend morning?

maybe i lied. maybe i am qualified, and maybe that’s why.

because where i grew up, i learned real quick that faith is about more than paying lip service. and if i was going to have a faith that meant more than that, i was going to have to do something about it.

but i’m unqualified, remember? because even though i started exploring what deeper faith looks like when i was in my early teens, i’m still learning. this is going to be a journey we’ll take together, these 31 days, a journey about what it means practically to step out in faith.

this month is my heart, my story, my passion, for His name, His sake, His kingdom…

…and i have no idea what i’m doing.


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    Sounds exciting! Sometimes the things you feel you are most unqualified to speak about turn out to be something God is developing in you. He doesn’t call the equipped or qualified, He qualifies and equips the called.

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    was going to say what bethany said–he doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called. excited to study along with you!

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